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23rd August 2012

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23rd August 2012

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29th May 2012

BBC One TV feature
29th May 2012

BBC Radio Leeds interview
29th May 2012

This is the website of the campaign to help Adam Pickles, an English Teacher working in Thailand, who was brutally attacked and left in a coma, fighting for his life.
Our aim is to raise awareness of Adam's plight and raise funds to help cover his medical expenses and rehabilitation.
Please help Adam and his family if you can.

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Adam's story

Adam Pickles is originally from Keighley in Yorkshire but has lived in Thailand for the last 7 years, working as the Head of English at The Regent's International School in Pattaya. He was happy and settled there and is extremely popular with the pupils, parents and teachers at his school and with the local community. He has a young family in Thailand and his son has just celebrated his first birthday.

On 17th May 2012, Adam was the victim of an unprovoked attack where he was hit on the top of his head with a metal bar from behind, smashing his skull and leaving him in a coma. His attacker left him for dead in the side of the road.

Somehow Adam is still alive. He has undergone a number of operations to remove bone and blood clots from his brain but he remains in a coma. Adam Pickles

For the first two months after the attack Adam received very good treatment in a Thai hospital, but as soon as he was stable enough he was moved back to the UK and is currently receiving treatment at Leeds General Infirmary where he is showing slow but steady signs of improvement.

Regular updates from Adam's parents on his condition are posted on the facebook group page (\groups\adampickles) and will be re-posted here (see below for the latest update).

Adam is never going to be the same again, the doctors expect loss of mobility on his right hand side and some speech impairment, although it is impossible to tell the extent of the damage until he awakes from the coma. As Adam's main passions in his life are playing his guitar, playing football and teaching children, it is going to be a huge blow to him if he is no longer able to do these things.

Adam is the most charismatic man in the Universe. He has travelled extensively, teaching English wherever he has gone and has collected a huge number of life-long friends. The comments on our facebook group and at the bottom of this page are testimony to that.

Many comments are from his pupils and fellow teachers in Pattaya, where he is extremely popular. He regularly takes students on trips and excursions and coaches their football team and in his own time plays guitar with the students and football with the local children. He also has his own band who play many gigs for local charities.

Adam is one of the nicest people you could meet, he could walk into a room full of strangers and by the time he left everyone would have a smile on their face and be his new friend. He doesn't deserve what has happened to him.


At the moment Adam and his parents need all the help they can get. The cost of his operations, medication and treatment in Thailand and the specialist operation required to transport him back to the UK has been very high. Although a small percentage has been paid by Adam's insurance company, Adam's parents have had to re-mortgage their house in order to ensure their son continues to get the treament he needs. The total cost so far is over £120,000.

This campaign was set up to help with fundraising to help cover as much of this cost as possible and the response has been absolutely amazing so far. Thanks to the many events and collections made by Adam's friends all over the world, and by many people who don't even know him but heard Adam's story and wanted to help, we have managed to raise over £89,000*!

That is an incredible amount and everyone who is involved in this campaign is extremely grateful to all of the people who have contributed to this.

However, just as Adam's fight continues, so our fundraising campaign continues because we still have a long way to go and at the moment we do not know how long Adam will remain in his coma or what treatment he will require when he awakes.

So, if, after reading Adam's story, the comments below and the media reports, you feel you would like to contribute then please use the bank details on the right to donate what you can. We would be extremely grateful to you.

*This total is correct as at the end of October 2012 but is continuing to grow, again please follow\groups\adampickles for the latest updates.

If you would like to contact us for any other reason then please email us at

Thank you for anything you can do from all of Adam's countless friends x

Latest update on Adam's condition

30th October 2012, Andrew Pickles (Adam's father)
Just a short update. Most of Adam's physical problems are now clearing up. Although the infection is still present we are not getting attacks of pneumonia, the coughing fits are reducing and the surgical work is all done and appears to be healed OK.

The tracheotomy is still in place as he can cough up quite a lot of stuff, but this is being treated and is reducing. We have seen signs that he is starting to swallow, which is the first step towards getting the trach. removed .

So the work that Leeds General Infirmary can do is nearly over and we are now looking towards rehabilitation. There are now many signs that he can hear us and respond and we need to identify the best place for him so that he can be brought out of coma and this awareness can be accelerated. The occupational therapists are working on this and we have a meeting within the next few days.

That’s all for now, as soon as we know more we will let you know.


How to Donate

We have UK and Thai accounts set up for Adam.
All money raised goes directly towards aiding his recovery.
Please donate to:

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Comments about Adam

Ricksel Namgyal
Its not fair that such a genuinely nice human-being gets to suffer so much. Mr Pickles has always been more like a friend to many of us as well as being such a passionate and enthusiastic character in the classroom. My best memories of him were when he coached most of the current football senior team back when we were under 15's where he was so committed to helping all of his players succeed. He never had to take on the extra responsibility but he did so, for us to be happy and I will always appreciate that. I wish Mr Pickles a quick recovery and I am sure that a person so mentally strong as himself will be able to make that recovery. I all love you sir, and our prayers will be with you throughout that recovery

Grant Babayan
i just would like to say that , Mr Pickles is one of the nicest people I have met through the years of study at regents.... he is one of the most genuine human beings i have ever met and im pleased that i had a chance to spend a wonderful time at regents . and especially the poetry retreat where we had a great and funny times !......... there is a justice in this world and there is a God , who ll help Adam to recover and punish that person who caused all this ..... we all love you , we all pray for you Mr Pickles , may God give you strength, I am sure you will recover soon

Billy Damm
Mr. Pickles is the best and most insightful English teacher i've ever had, absolutely tragic news, someone who is always willing to go the extra mile to help you out, and just a genuinely all round great bloke. Just goes to show that terrible things like this can happen to the best and nicest people, all of our thoughts are with you sir!

Grigory Prelovskiy
He was my teacher for 2 years and i must say i havent had fun with any other teacher like i had fun with him. He was the best teacher and still is. We all hope was his recovery and i wish all the best to Adam and his family. We will do all we can to fund raise....

Steven Hansen
Mr. Pickles is one of the nicest person anyone can ever meet, it is deeply saddening to hear such an awful thing happen to a kind and positive individual like Mr. Pickles. For anyone who was a student of Mr. Pickles he wasn’t just a teacher, he was also a friend. Mr. Pickles is a role model, we should use this time to remind ourselves to live life positively as Mr. Pickles has done of everyday of his life. Mr. Pickles we are all hoping the best for you, you are a champ, stay strong and keep fighting.

Wayne Hsu
a teacher that you can see everyday and will always say hi and smile where ever he walks. i dont know where else we can find a teacher or friend like this, i remember the time in year 10 where we had so much fun.. I miss you sir! we all do! so get better soon, wish for you the best.

Dara Murray
ahhh jaysus . my thoughts are with him . i was friends with Adam in Mexico and what a great guy full of fun . we used to practice our Spanish together by talking with Yorkshire accents . love to you Adam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Naufal Hakim
Never have I ever met an English teacher with such energy when it comes to shredding the guitar playing some rock 'n roll. Mr Pickles is the person that has truly inspired me to keep on rocking the guitar. We all pray for your fast recovery and I hope some day that we will jam once more!

Young Hoon Joe
I remember Mr. Pickles was a friend of ours before being a teacher. He delightened our mornings during tutors, and he always had a smile on his face. It is a sad news and i'm also willing to help as far as i can.

Phil Howard
A real honour to be able to call this man my friend! Iv had some of the funniest times with pickles and I refuse to believe I won't be having plenty more soon... Please give what you can it all adds up! Xx

Alvin Chu
It is with a rare characteristic that I have got to know Mr. Pickles well without being a student in his class. Mr. Pickles has often took deep care beyond the classroom. I remember him putting aside his football kit to help me with my extra-curricular needs after school many years ago. His constant encouragement surely was the driving factor that made us enjoy the recent Yr 13 Poetry retreat. Absent this profoundly unfortunate accident, his presence will be an addition to the wonderful memories I have of this great school. In addition in hoping my best wishes contribute to Mr. Pickles for a fast yet comfortable recovery, I am thankful my academic life is shared alongside such fantastic teachers. Thank you Sir.

Grant Babayan
i just would like to say that , Mr Pickles is one of the nicest people I have met through the years of study at regents.... he is one of the most genuine human beings i have ever met and im pleased that i had a chance to spend a wonderful time at regents . and especially the poetry retreat where we had a great and funny times !......... there is a justice in this world and there is a God , who ll help Adam to recover and punish that person who caused all this ..... we all love you , we all pray for you Mr Pickles , may God give you strength, I am sure you will recover soon

Justin Robinson
It has already been about 2 years since I was last taught by Mr Pickles in his classroom; room 207 I believe. The one thing I will never forget is the kindness, generosity & amount of understanding he has shown on a day-in and day-out basis as a teacher. But not only was he a teacher, he was like a friend with whom I have shared loads of laughs with. A great person who has earned the utmost respect from any student who was taught by him. Hang in there Mr Pickles, we're all shooting for you.

Rasmus Kõrs
And this happens to a guy who would be the last person to attract any kind of violence? With his sincere caring personality and positive energy that he shares with others I find it truly unbelievable. Through the 2 years that I studied with him he was the person who supported me and who gave me the spark. He's a person who simply makes people feel good. I deeply hope that he gets the support that he needs to recover We're all with you around the world, Mr. Pickles!

Maria Shadrina
Mr Pickles, i hope you get well very soon, because everybody is waiting for you to come back and live as you lived before. I really adore your English classes and because you were my teacher the English class became my favorite one. I'm really hoping that the people who did such a horrible thing will be found and punished. I'm still hoping for a miracle, even the expectations of doctors ain't positive, i'm believing that Mr.Pickles is the strongest person ever and will not give up, never. Please, sir, get well soon and wake up. We miss you so much.

Abigale Bryant
Mr.Pickles is an amazing person with a smile on his face wherever he goes..he is my favorite teacher at the regents school and an wonderful friend! Wishing all the best for you, Mr.Pickles!

Tassanee Sanchez
Mr pickles is still to this day a teacher i can never forget, his classes were the funnest and most interesting classes i have ever had. i forget many teachers in my life but i will never forget him! i will be praying for you mr pickles! and hope to hear news of improvement soon! ♥

Michelle Barnes-Roberts
This is terrible...Adam was a star when my Dad was seriosuly ill in Thailand and he helped raise money for our hospital bills there too. I would like to return the favour now, so please let me know how to donate.

Steve Evison
Really saddened by the news this weekend. Thinking of you Adam and your family. There is light, even in the darkest moments..... and you can come through this. You have an amazing amount of love around you - this is evident.

Melissa Cru
Just read the story and I am so so so shocked by what happened. Completely speechless, he was always smiling and so cheerful and a wonderful teacher as well. I'll try to spread the word, my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. With all of this support I have no doubt that he will have a speedy recovery.

Jean Whitehouse
Mr pickles is such a lovely, happy, amazing person and a brilliant teacher. It's so upsetting and he didn't deserve this at all.. I hope they catch whoever did this and gets what HE deserves. Praying and praying for him to recover fast and get home to his loved ones ♥

Rosaleen McConville
Mr Pickles is one of the best teachers I have ever had the privilege of being taught by. Pre-class gossip sessions and his big friendly smile always made our school days even brighter. It's so sad that this happened to a truly amazing person. I will be donating some money asap! Love, support and hope for a speedy recovery from Edinburgh.